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DTF Supply (film,powder,ink)

As a new popular thermal transfer printing method in recent years, DTF printing is taking the world by storm.@While bringing the convenience of printing, DTF printing is deeply affecting the apparel industry. We can bring you a one-stop service for DTF printing.Working together with DTF ink and hot melt adhesive powder, our DTF film will bring you a pleasant experience of digital print heat transfer on garment.



Rolls & sheets provided,

  • 300mm wide roll x 100m.

  • 330mm wide roll x 100m.

  • 600mm wide roll x 100m.

  • A4 sheet.

  • A3 sheet.

  • A3+(13inch x 19inch) sheet.

  • Other custom sizes.



How to use,

  • Press for 10 seconds to 15 seconds at 150'C. 

  • Support both cold peel and warm peel. 

  • Single matte film stored in a polybag to keep it dry.



Printing Process,


  • Suitable for fabric in cotton, polyester, multi blends and more.

  • Works on light fabric, dark fabric.

  • No need to cut, no need for weeding.

  • Smooth and clean film surface.

  • Strong ink absorption capacity, thick ink absorption layer.

  • Shake powder off.

  • Easy to peel off.

  • Final print in vivid colors and looks realistic.




DTF hot melt adhesive powder,

  • Good elasticity.

  • Soft handfeel.

  • Good combination.

  • Good package by aluminum bag.



DTF ink,

  • White color is true white, not yellowish, white ink covers well.

  • Pure color inks help you print beautiful colors.

  • Good ink with clean edge helps shake powder off to make smooth edge.

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