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Anti-sublimation eco-solvent heat transfer paper (film)



Our newly developed anti-sublimation eco-solvent heat transfer paper/film (AS-1) is a kind of heat transfer material that can effectively eliminate the phenomenon of strike through when applied to sublimation garments, and it is especially applied to eco-solvent inkjet printers ( eg. Roland). Any more, made of environmental friendly material, it is non-toxic and harmless to human body. Patterns transferred are characterized as low transfer temperature, high structure strength, high-resilient, soft, resistant to yellowing, cutting smoothly and bearing superior color fastness to washing. It is suitable for transferring exquisite images onto various textile materials and leather, like gym suits, T-shirts, hats, bags, sofa cushions, mouse pads, etc.

This series has made the garment printing process simple. Instead of plate making, you can print the exquisite image directly on this material, then by cutting and removing the blank part, and also following the instruction to transfer the image onto  fabrics. It is particularly suitable for the production of small quantities of personalized products. (The effect differs from product to product, please test before mass production.)

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